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 Isanti Rodeo Association

2014 38th Annual Isanti Firemans PRCA Professional Rodeo  Will be held July 11-12, 2014. Keep checkin' back for updates as we get ready for the most fun one can have with their boots on, in 2014!
September 18: Contracts are under construction! 
Signed thus far are contracts with Pickett Pro Rodeo Company and J Bar J stock, those of you who have watched these animals perform the last 2 years will vouch that these guys put "professional" in PRCA.
Mr.Tim Fuller has been the host of our rodeo for several years now and has done an exceptional job.  We are anticipating hearing Tim return to our arena once again.  Tim eats and sleeps PRCA Rodeo, its our great pleasure to have his expertise back in Isanti hosting our event. I wouldn't be suprised to see Tim announcing the turtle races on Main street Saturday of the Jubilee Days again!  
Working on the other end of the mic from Tim will be Robbie Hodges for 2014.  Robbie has done our Rodeo a few times in past years and has done an exceptional job as barrel/funny man as well.  Tim and Robbie have a natural sync working together on the arena floor that we know will make your trip to the rodeo one you will remember.
Bullfighters Chuck Swisher and Matt Baldwin will also be entering the arena for our 38th annual event in 2014. Chuck Swisher and Matt Baldwin are both very well known in the nationwide rodeo circuit and Isanti couldn't be happier to hear they're coming up.  It takes a special person to want to enter that arena...on foot, and go one on one with those animals.  That being said, Chuck Swisher and Matt Baldwin are special people in my book.
Stearns County 17 has entered into contract with us for our 2014 performances.  Past performances from Stearns County 17 at the Isanti Fireman's Rodeo dance have been dead on.  They play a great varity, lots of it, and are plain ole fashioned fun, this fits our event to a T.  The Isanti Fireman's Rodeo is excited to have Stearns County 17 back this year to help us celebrate summer in Isanti on Friday night!
The Killer Hayseeds are comin' to town!  Saturday evening post rodeo entertainment will be hosted this year by the well known Killer Hayseeds.  This band has whooped up our dance floor several times over the years, we're excited as heck to hear they're comin' back!
October 28, 2013. The WPRA has awarded the Isanti Firefighters Rodeo with a 2013 WPRA Justin Boots Best Footing Award.  Isanti Rodeo, a Great Lakes division WPRA rodeo, has been awarded most improved grounds for their 2013 rodeo arena.  The WPRA is the oldest women's sporting organization in the country.  Thank you Carolynn Vietor and the rest of the WPRA for the acknowledgement!
SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES:  If you are wanting to show your support for your community, the Isanti Firemen and women, and/or the great sport of Rodeo, we have several sponsorship opportunities for you.  Please contact us asap by clicking HERE to learn of these great opportunities!



Calling all kids!  Attention moms, dads, and legal guardians of cow kids wanting to Mutton Bust.  Our Mutton Bustin' has been a great activity for those coming to the Rodeo a bit early.  If you have a child 5 years or older and 55 lbs or less, please consider signing them up in advance (click on the sheep to the left <--) to ensure they have a chance to ride.  The number of riders is limited!  (we only have so many of these cute little sheep to ride!)


2014 Rodeo Admission Prices
Adults, $12 advance, $14 at the gate
Children (4-12) $6 advance, $8 at the gate
3 and under-its on us!

What was your favorite 2013 Rodeo event?
 Mutton Bustin!
 Barrel Racing
 Bull Riding
 Team Events
 The Rodeo Clown
 D. All the Above!

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