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What is Tech Rescue?  See below.
More confined space training at the Cambridge Medical Center.  This year with some added elevator rescue training.  Ever wonder what happens when you...

F.A.O. Training at the IFD

Some firefighters decided to obtain Fire Apparatus Operation certification.  See the hands on drills F.I.R.E. Inc. set up for us below!

Thanks again to the folks at F.I.R.E. for assisting us with another live burn!!

IFD has accomplished another big goal in training. We recently had 8 firefighters obtain national accreditation in Fire Instructor 1, and Fire Officer 1. This training is another step to assist us with interoperability with other State and National Resources. 

This practice burn was another successful joint effort. This time with the crew at Princeton Fire Department. 45 feet from this old house was a new house that needed to be protected from the heat of the old one burning. Multiple crews from numerous surrounding communities trained in the house before we let it go. We don't have any pictures, but we drafted from a dry hydrant we have at a near by lake, filling tankers that supplied our on site drop tanks. Once again, very useful training!

Thanks again to the folks at F.I.R.E., we successfully trained on a simulated propane tank fire. This was an excellent opportunity to practice working this type of situation. As we all know, under pressure gasses can have devastating effects when introduced to extreme heat. This drill is vital to the firefighters as it makes them all aware that our methods can be very successful, when went about properly. 

This old home was becoming a hazard as left standing.We organized and grouped up with instructors from F.I.R.E. and neighboring training hungry departments to burn the old home down. After formal pre task planning and discussion, we set and extinguished approx. 15 fires in this house before it was no longer safe to enter. Thanks to all the instructors that came to assist, all the departments that came by, and to Craig Bjorklund for donating the structure. 

At a minimum, all fire department men and women are certified at a First Responder level of Emergency Medical Training. With this certification, a bi-annual refresher class must be completed. Here we are familiarizing ourselves with some underground tunnels in our service area, having classroom discussions, and practicing water relay procedures.
F.I.R.E. headed up this training exercise and brought a confined space trailer.  We trained on rescuing victims from tight spaces, examples included an underground tunnel, a grain silo, a manhole in the street, or several other real life scenarios.
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