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Team Roping is a true team event requiring coordination and timing between two cowboys, the "header" and the "heeler". Originating in the Old West when cowboys needed to treat or brand steers too large or difficult for one man to handle alone, Team Roping is still a common practice on ranches today.

As in Tie-Down Roping, the steer is given a head start, while the header (the first roper) waits behind a barrier. If the header "breaks the barrier," the team is given a 10-second penalty. Once the chase begins, the header must lasso the steer either around both horns, around one horn and the head, or around the neck. Any other catch by the header is considered illegal and the team is disqualified.

After the header makes a succesful catch, he then "dallies" or ties the rope to the saddle and tows the steer behind him. The heeler must then rope both of the steer's hind legs, if he catches only one foot, the team is assessed a five-second penalty.

The clock is stopped when the steer is roped, secured between partners, with both horses facing the steer with ropes dallied, and rope tight.

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