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Tie-Down Roping.  Previously known as Calf Roping, this challange originated in the Old West, where sick calves were roped and tied down for medical treatment. This is a timed event requiring not only roping skill, but extraordinary teamwork between the cowboy and his horse.

The calf is given a head start while the horse and rider wait behind a barrier. If the barrier is broken before being dropped, a 10 second penalty is added to his time. The cowboy ropes the calf, then gets off the horse and flanks the calf, throwing it to the ground. While the horse maintains enough tension on the rope (without dragging the calf), the cowboy then ties any three of the animal's legs together using "pigging string" he carries in his teeth until needed. When the cowboy completes his tie, he throws his hands in the air as a signal to the judge and timing is stopped. The cowboy then remounts his horse allowing the catch rope to slacken. If the calf kicks out within 6 seconds the run is invalid.

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